The Twilight Zone


Many friends and family have asked me in the past.

‘What are you studying?’ Once they hear the word ‘Medicine’, they immediately assume. ‘Wow I hear doctors make so much money!

One even went on to say, ‘By the way I have a weird pain in my chest, why do I have that pain?’

‘I’m not sure,’ I said. She looked at me funny.

But you’re going to be a doctor. You must have some idea. How can you not know?’

It made me feel like I was in the twilight zone and again, I could not believe a conversation I heard on the tube last week, between two elderly men over the junior contracts.

One whispered, ‘what’s all the fuss about? Doctors on strike? These people have everything handed to them. A job, money, satisfaction…’

The other sighed and added, ‘You don’t really need a doctor unless it’s serious anyway.  Most things nowadays you can diagnose yourself on the web.’

I pretended for a moment what life would be like if I had to diagnose everything on the Internet. Just type in the symptoms, come up with a list of possibilities and pick the one that seems most likely.

It is astonishing to see how worlds apart we are from the public, and the ignorance that has festered inside them.

If the tubes go on strike, there will be replacement bus services and you will have many pissed off commuters.

If doctors ever went on strike…the NHS would crumble, people would die and what replacement will there be for that?

Junior doctors make a tremendous difference to patients and the NHS, though many people haven’t a clue, and with these contracts in place – I don’t see how our system is ever going to improve.

How can the government provide a good health service when the providers (i.e. the junior doctors in this case), are made to work like dogs to the point that they can’t even think straight?

It makes me furious to look back on how the Conservatives have screwed over the medics of this generation since 2011, with the tuition fee rise, and now a bleak future to face for current and future medical students.

The sad thing of it all, is that in the end… it’s the patients ultimately who are going to suffer.

Please open the public’s eye, enlighten people on the truth behind a doctor’s journey.

Don’t let the government have their way.

Join in on the protests at Parliament Square on the 17th October and stand up for yourselves, rather than just accepting the ‘supposed’ inevitable.


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