The problem? Duh, it’s immigrants

Oscar To



One pressing issue of the general election in many people’s minds is that of immigration. Immigrants are seen (literally) as the source of worsening ill across the whole spectrum of society, causing problems such as lack of jobs, housing, the collapse of the NHS, terrorism, the breakdown of the fabric of society, the list goes on. In fact, it seems there is nothing you can’t pin down on immigration.

I mean you can see immigrants everywhere. Well actually nowadays, you can’t. Immigration gripes are now aimed at far more than the classical racism aimed at non-white inhabitants of the isles. Indeed, there are even second generation children present that know no homeland other than the soil of the United Kingdom. Indeed, these immigrants are now no longer immediately identifiable for most people. It requires using ears to identify the lack of a native accent. Whilst many say this indicates that racism is no longer the central issue, it really highlights how meaningless racism is as a term. Indeed, defining race as simply skin colour ignores culture, language and history.

The fundamental issue is that people feel that only they are entitled to have the wealth of the soil beneath our feet. They do not appreciate that the apparent greatness of our country was built off the exploitation of others. A policy where we only want skilled immigrants is no different. Our own country is one of the least skilled in Europe. But our solution of simply taking other people from without does not solve the problem from within. Our country has the sixth largest GDP in the world and yet we are unable to provide our own workforce. We rely on other countries painstakingly training what few people they can manage whilst we then scrounge the benefits. Do we deserve Africa’s doctors more than the people of Africa?

Furthermore, do we only value people for their ability to provide an economic boon to our society? Britain is one of the principle producers of armaments in the world. As profits flow in from producing weapons of mass devastation, can we not help those affected? Refugees are too often placed in the same camp as immigrants in the public eye. And the sentiment that our land is full has allowed the government to get away with its shameful response to the Syrian crisis.

But are immigrants that much different either? These people have left their homeland in the hopes of a better life for themselves, leaving behind friends and family in the little hope of making it in a society which has spawned the #firstworldproblems meme. And the only thing we can offer them here is endless discrimination as if they caused the entirety of problems in our society. If all it took were people to cause problems, why don’t we export our population to Russia and cause the collapse of the regime?

Politicians have responded to the public outcry to this scourge of society by implementing further limitations on immigrations allowed to enter the country. However, this has been marred by the fact that being members of the European Union means we have to allow freedom of movement with the rest of Europe. Indeed, the EU is another force of evil stopping us from deporting all the foreigners out of this country.
Indeed, one reason many people support an out policy from the EU is that it will allow to regain our sovereignty as a country and to stop meddling by those pesky EU bureaucrats. Abolishing the human rights act is apparently a vote winner.

Never mind the fact that it is the European Union that is there to enforce things such as reasonable work hours and abuses of human rights. Indeed, one of the problems that are claimed is that immigrants cause wages to plummet. This is more due to the fact that the government makes no effort to ensure that people are paid the minimum wage and punish those that are responsible. Unscrupulous businesses bring in immigrants and underpay them because they can and will get away with it. This is crime that we let go unpunished, because it’s easier to just blame on immigrants rather than the rich criminals undermining the law.

Indeed, this seems to be a recurring theme in our country. Rich immigrants who can bring in investment on the scale of millions can be fast tracked for citizenship, whilst local people put up with spiralling house prices due to the influx of empty houses owned by billionaires. If you don’t have money, you are deported. We are still paying off the bankers for ruining our economy through no fault of our own. The rules are different for the rich and the poor.

And this is why we must stop talking of merit in terms of producing bigger numbers in profit margins. Universities are no longer the home of ideas when they become businesses. When our world revolves purely around numbers, we begin to forget that at the other end there are lives of real, breathing people. It’s easy to blame people when it’s a six letter word on your screen, but when it’s your neighbour? Can you love thy neighbour? Who cares, Jesus is an immigrant.

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