The History of the UH Cup Brought to Life by British Pathé

In the past number of months, British Pathé has released a number of gems from their archives illustrating days of old of United Hospitals’ sport. Not only does the footage give us grainy images of life for medical students and doctors in the early 20th Century in London, but it also shows us that the tradition and passion, which us students of United Hospitals’ uphold  today, stems back long before our time.

The first brings us back to 1920 and the United Hospitals Cup Final between Guys and Barts, the first held since the end of World War one. A victory on this day for Guys, who would go on to defend the cup for the next 3 years, before Barts would seek revenge and take the cup back to West Smithfield in 1924. Such is the importance of the UH Cup that the footage shows King George V congratulating the players of both sides before the game. The students of Barts are seen decked out in Black and White scarves, colours that are proudly celebrated today and the fervent cheering from the Guys supporters is not unalike to the support I witnessed at the recent Barts vs GKT football fixture.

In order to view the videos, simply search “British Pathé, United Hospital” on YouTube. I encourage you all to do it. They are a great reminder to all of us to be proud of the identities of our individual medical schools. The footage also acts as a reminder to us that despite our fierce rivalry and individual characters, we have a common cause in UH, which makes us very special. It is unique for five rivals to come together and form a greater entity, as we do in UH and it is a lesson, which we can apply to all aspects of life.

By Sean Morgan, Sports Editor, Barts and the London


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