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Dr Tobi Obisanya writes about his exciting new project, a digital health platform for patients and doctors in West Africa. Read on to discover opportunities to get involved!

Numa Pompilius was one of the earliest kings of Rome. He was responsible for laying down a lot of the judicial, religious and social infrastructure that allowed the Rome to blossom into the empire we all know. With that in mind, I named my healthcare startup Numa, and our vision is to provide the digital health infrastructure that will enable African primary health systems to flourish


I’ve been working on Numa since my penulitmate year of medical school at Imperial College London after going back to Nigeria frequently and seeing similar problems with the technology that was available to provide care to patients like in the UK. The need for health services is vast and patient’s resources are often limited even though they foot the bill and pay directly out of their pockets when they access care. Good quality information is hard to come by off- and online (asides from your bog-standard Google search which is frequently unhelpful and non-specific). Worse of all is, because very few people have health insurance, they’re literally accessing care from whoever’s selling it for however much they’ll sell it.


We hope to tackle some of those immense challenges with Numa & are building a mobile, patient-centred personal medical record, that connects patients to virtual & physical primary health services. The first version of the application is currently being built for launch in October in South Western Nigeria, and we’re focusing on providing better-than-Google answers to patients’ health queries via the app in simple language as well as blog posts on topical health areas relevant to the African patient. This information service is paired with a simple chat interface where patients can speak to UK and Nigeria – based doctors about their more complex queries.


We’re looking to expand our content team & we’re inviting medical students from all over the UK & Nigeria with a passion for writing to join us and contribute to the Numa blog – which will be fully searchable and freely available on the internet and linked to each posts’ author – a brilliant way to build on and revisit your knowledge and communication skills while contributing to patient care at the same time!


We’ve got a Blog Content​ ​Internship going for a passionate medical student/junior doctor. This would involve working with the Numa team & communicating with Numa’s users to ensure the content we create is relevant, ​engaging and​ impactful. The Numa Blog will be in text and video form, so the role would be great for someone with an interest in photography & video editing – but that experience is not mandatory. The internship starts in September 2016, minimum time commitment 4-6 hours a week for 3 months (duration negotiable). It is an unpaid role with travel expenses covered where necessary, working location flexible. Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any more questions or would be interested in spending some time with us working on something else! Send a 250 word cover letter & CV to tobi@

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