My name is Max. My world is fire

 Culture Editor Asad Charania reviews the nitrous injected Mad Max: Fury Road



With the summer blockbuster season arriving, Max Max arrives in a flurry of fire, metal and carnage, but before I give my quick synopsis (no heavy spoilers) I feel obliged to say Mad Max is a bit difficult to review. If you’ve seen the previous Mad Max films, and loved them, then this film is made for you. However if you’ve never seen a Mad Max film it’s important you know what you’re getting into.

In the post-apocalyptic world, where water and fuel are precious currency, we find our hero Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy) broken and relying on his most primal instinct; to survive. Max is taken captive by the War Boys, a crazed cult led by Immortan Joe (Hugh Keays-Byrne) who controls the regions water supply. Mad Max is only kept alive due to his precious O negative blood, and is used as a ‘living blood bag’ for the survival of the war boys.

Immortan Joe sends his War Rig, driven by Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) in search for fuel and bullets. As she drives into the desert we find that she has deceived Immortan Joe and intends to smuggle his Immortan Joe’s harem of breeders to a safe haven away from slavery. A party is sent to retrieve Joe’s property and here Max is tethered to one of the War Boys, Nux (Nicholas Hoult) who will stop at nothing to serve his master, dreaming of a glorious death in twisted metal and fire for his leader, to reach Valhalla. After an honestly awesome set piece (which I wont spoil) Mad Max escapes from Nux and is forced to team up with Furiosa to survive and take the breeders to freedom.

If you’ve made it through and are thinking, that sounds pretty awesome then you will love this film…and I loved this film! George Miller, once a doctor working in the emergency department, saved as much has he could to make his low budget dream come true. After a huge success and two sequels (Road Warrior and Beyond Thunderdome), 30 years later with new technology and a budget of 180 million dollars Miller could finally return to see his true vision come to life, and it IS spectacular.

Mad Max is full of huge action set pieces of which 90% are practical, and you feel it. Bright colours, an awesome 80s rock score, and absurd vehicles will have you captivated. It is so refreshing after the CGI flurry and shaky cams in so many action films, George Miller has given us beautiful wide angles and effects you can immerse yourself in! As always Tom Hardy gives a great performance, but you should know this isn’t his film. Charlize Theron was amazing as Furiosa. It was great seeing a powerful female action star on par with Ripley (The Alien franchise) or Sarah Conner (The Terminator), and she was seriously badass in leading Max and the breeders to safety.

In this day and age of re-boots and franchises, the movie industry tends to rely on safe bets, but George Miller has proven that studios should take more risks and trust directors with vision. Very rarely do we see films of this calibre, which defines a genre, the last action film, which had me in awe, was the Matrix and that was in 1999! So go support this film, show the studios we want high quality releases, and to keep whatever watered down Die Hard they’re releasing in the trash!


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