EU Referendum: NHS Medical Director Says European Workers Welcome


Following the results of the European Union (EU) referendum, leading to the UK opting to leave, the medical director of the NHS has implored that European workers within the NHS must be made to feel welcome.

Professor Sir Bruce Keogh told the Health Service Journal that the results of the vote would leave many European members of staff within the NHS unsure about their future. Keogh went on to say that the essence of delivering high quality care is dependent on a workforce that feel valued and secure.

A spokesman from The British Medical Association has also urged politicians not to play games with the UK’s health services as the uncertainty of result continues to sink in.

Furthermore, chief executive of the NHS confederation, Stephen Dalton, has stated that it is impossible to predict the full effects of the result at this stage, but highlights the importance of how interwoven NHS and EU policies have become and how crucial it is that the government seeks a strong and nuanced agreement with the EU.

Comments from various senior leaders within the NHS come off the back of a somewhat surprising result of the referendum, with 51.9% in favour of leaving.

A large number of leave voters were said to have been swayed by the Leave campaign’s claim that the £350 million spent on the EU would be put into the NHS. In the aftermath of the result, UK Independence Party leader, Nigel Farage – a strong supporter of leaving the EU – suggested he never made such a claim, despite the words being emblazoned on a tour bus driven around the country.

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