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Elliot Clissold (SGUL)


More than ever, the world needs the voice of medical students. In the era of Trump, where the stage has been taken over by peddlers of ‘alternative facts’, our ability to question the world, challenge the evidence and bridge the gap between humanity and reason means we are well placed to contribute to an ever more heated discussion. At the same time, we are seeing our profession slowly eroded away in a way that demands us to stand up and speak out for the sake of our patients. This is exactly what I’ll try to do as Comment Editor at The Medical Student, a magazine that has been the voice of the UK’s medical student community for over a decade.

I’m a 4th year medical student at St George’s and currently studying for a BSc in Global Health at King’s College London. As well as life in general, I have interests in public mental health, health inequalities and Cardiff City FC.

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Hana Mahmood (BL)

Hana Mahmood TMS PictureHi, I’m Hana – a second year medic at Bart’s. So, what can you expect from the new Comment Editor? Well, following convention and disappearing into mainstream opinion certainly isn’t me. Never one to shy away from the untold story, and always keen to find the other opinion, I’m eager to use the TMS platform and bring a fresh perspective to current affairs in relation to medical student life.

What do I like to do in my spare time? Since becoming a med student in London I’ve been enjoying “playing tourist”, which can be anything from visiting art galleries, to searching for the ultimate dessert. I’m also usually available for comment at the nearest protest!